Negative Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Are you amongst those who feel that there is more of work and less of time to complete it? Being overloaded with numerous tasks and responsibilities, people often tend to skip their sleep. If you had been thinking that sacrificing on few hours of sleep doesn’t make much difference then you must read on.

Sleep deprivation has several negative effects on both-mind and body. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Weak Memory.  Without adequate sleep, the brain is not able to memorize things. This is especially for students who think that studying late night is a good option. You can cram for your test by studying few hours extra at night but may find difficulty in recalling it the next day.

     2. Trouble concentrating.  Lack of sleep leads to lack of concentration. This is because when you are working all day, your mind and body both gets tired and need ample rest to get recharged. Sleep-deprived people lack focus on their tasks.

      3. Reduced sociability. Sleep deprivation leads to lack of enthusiasm and thus you don’t feel like interacting much with people.

      4. Impaired creativity. Research suggests that sleep deprivation impacts your thought processes owing to which your creative side gets overshadowed.

      5. Overeating.  Research indicates that acute sleep loss enhances pleasure response processing in the brain underlying the drive to consume food.  This ultimately leads to obesity which lays ground for several other health problems.

Hence, it’s time to change the way you think about sleep and start treating it as an essential part of daily routine. Sound sleep of around 7 to 9 hours is very essential for healthy body and mind. If you truly wish to ensure overall wellness, it’s utterly important to enjoy proper sleep time.