Best Ways to cope with a bad day

There are days when things are not as they ought to be or maybe not the way we want them to be, so to say. It seems like nothing at all is going right:  Your car breaks down, sudden changes in policies are announced at work, you are in middle of completing some work and computer restarts, or you have to go for some important work and the maid doesn’t turn up. I am sure many of us could relate to these problems encountered in daily life. Such situations surely are annoying but you can cope with them in following ways:

  1. Be gentle with yourself

When luck doesn’t seem to favor; you need some self nurturing. Develop the intention that you have to be good to yourself even amidst all the difficulties and the undesired situations that you are faced with.

  1. Indulge in something that boosts your mood

Doing activities that make you happy would bring about waves of positivity around you. And this is what you actually need when faced with tough situations. A dose of positive emotion will increase your resilience during stressful days. Hence, all you need to do is-create a short list of simple things that you enjoy. Examples:

  • Delighting yourself with some yummy food that you love but don’t buy often.
  • Buying a new novel of your favorite author for some relaxed time.
  • Go for a relaxing foot massage.

These are just examples and so you can create your own list of activities that you enjoy doing. These activities are simple yet effective in bringing you oodles of joy and happiness.

  1. Understand the impact of stressful events

Quite often people don’t realize the impact of stressful events on their mood. It’s important to understand that overlooking these events would not help. In fact, it’s a lot easier to cope with one isolated incident than it is to cope with a series of blows that come in quick succession. All it needs is the realization that these events are temporary and won’t stay for long but their impact, if not taken care of could lead to increased stress.

Hence, the best idea is to understand that a bad day or an unfavorable event; all are temporary. Sorting them out there and then is the best solution rather that accumulating the burden of stress.

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